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May 20, 2010

Budget 2010 (New Zealand version) and ODA

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And, confusing tables aside [pdf], here we have it. Budget 2010 and ODA, New Zealand style.

A total [a different PDF – thanks Treasury!] increase in ODA of just over $2 million NZD. Budgeted total $524.53 million NZD. This isn’t a terrible result in the age of deficits. However, had the same budget not also contained a great big tax cut for the very rich, we could have increased ODA a whole heap more. We could have done more to help during difficult times. Could have, but didn’t.

Meanwhile, within the budget:

$868,000 NZD increase in overheads. This is better than a cut.

Funding to NZ NGOs stays the same (effectively a cut when inflation is taken into account).

Funding to multi-laterals goes up slightly (this is a surprise, I think).

Funding to the Pacific increases at the expense of funding to the rest of the world.

And what about as a percentage of projected GNI? I’d love to be able to tell you this with some degree of certainty, but GNI figures for NZ are hard to come by. Here’s a hack at it…

Going from World Bank figures for 2008 (here and here) GNI is about 91% of GDP. If my memory serves me well this isn’t too different from a long-run average I once calculated. So I’ll use it.

Then, taking the nominal GDP projection for 10/11 from page 10 of this PDF. And then multiplying by .91 for estimated GNI. And then (phew) taking ODA over GNI I get = 0.28%. Or, at least, that’s my wildly uneducated guess.

[Update – I’ll email Treasury and see if I can get better figures for projected GNI and then try and compare the percentage to recent years.]

[Update 2:  I’ve amended and updated these figures here.]


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