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May 25, 2010

New Zealand Aid

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Following up from this post.

Treasury have very kindly provided me with their forecast GNI for 2010/11. The figure is NZ$193,667,000,000.

Therefore with budgeted ODA for the 2010/11 FYr being NZ$524,530,000 we can calculate ODA as a percentage of (forecast) GNI = 0.271%

Which is slightly lower than my original estimate. It is also, it goes without saying, a long way short of the 0.7% target.

One final caution – there are still assumptions in my calculation. These are:

1. That the entire vote ODA figure from the budget is ‘DAC-able’ (aid agency slang for meets the OECD DAC criteria for aid).

2. That no other NZ govt money (from other budget votes) will be spent on DAC-able work. For example, it’s possible that some defence spending or police spending (where our military or police are overseas doing development work in developing countries) counts as ODA.

When I get time, I’ll check on these assumptions and update my numbers accordingly – and try and put them in some sort of time series comparison.

[Update:  using data from this [.xls] Treasury file I’ve created the following graph. These are still only absolute numbers (not percentage of GNI) and only for a few recent years, and my caveats 1 & 2 above still stand; however, the graph gives some idead of aid trends. ‘Departmental’ refers to overheads.



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