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July 13, 2010

The Middle East, in the strangest of ways…

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From the Solomon Star newspaper:

The new President of the revived Solomon Islands United Party Joel Moffat Konofilia has on Friday 9th July launched his party manifesto at Kafoabu Village, Malu’u, North Malaita.

In his launching programme he started with a prayer of repentance on behalf of the United Party pleading for forgiveness.

Konofilia said, “The prayer must be taken to request God to forgive United Party for what the former leaders of the United Party have done in the past against the Nation of Israel”.

Before the prayer Mr. Konofilia said, “for the past 32 years the nation of Solomon Islands has been under a severe chronic curse”.

“This was because the party’s former leader in a United Nation’s meeting had voted against the nation of Israel”, he said.

The President took the prayer of confession on behalf of the party and asked God for forgiveness so that the new United Party will walk under God’s blessing and not curse.

After the prayer, the President publicly made a declaration that, “starting today and onward the United Party will vow its support and vote for Israel unconditionally in obedience to Genesis 12: 1- 3”.

He said, “if this is God’s will then I stand today on Uala land and declare that the Solomon Islands United Party will stand, support and vote for Israel in the next meeting”.


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