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November 11, 2010

Long Time No Links

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The PT wins in Brazil! And Mark Weisbrot offers some left wing analysis of the result.

Meanwhile, NoRightTurn looks at the impacts of a centre-right government. While the Monkey Cage has a look at the impact of inequality on people’s political beliefs.

On the subject of beliefs, this drives me nuts: the UK is in the middle of a massive cyclical downturn and the Conservative government and their hangers on have just decided that high unemployment is, wait for it, the result of lazy people who don’t want to work because life on a benefit is just too cushy. AAARRRGGHHHH. John Quiggin tackles the nonsense far more patiently than I ever could.

Next thing you know they’ll be arguing that the mass unemployment is actually a result of the minimum wage being too high. Not so fast buddy.

And George Monbiot offers ideas for saving progressive politics.

In the aid world J makes the case for writing being a key skill for an aid worker. I agree completely.

More data for aid transparency types (here and here).

And Owen takes the BBC to task for some shocking reporting regarding the supposed diversion of Live Aid money to the Ethiopian military.

And, to end this lot of links, Larry Summers and his role in causing the global financial crisis.


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