Waylaid Dialectic

November 28, 2010

Links again…

Filed under: Random Musings — terence @ 5:01 pm

First, self promotion, if you’re curious about why people vote the way they do in Solomon Islands, and why Solomons politics plays out the way it does, you can here me giving a talk on this subject (without offering any definitive answers I hasten to add) here.

Dani Rodrik looks at who’s been doing the best at human development and comes up with some surprising results. And Duncan Green chips in some thoughts too.

In a related post Lane Kenworthy asks when is growth good for the poor in Developed Countries.

And a debate about whether high or low food prices are good for the poor. (One, two, three).

And an interesting assessment of from where Zimbabwe’s problems arose at AidThoughts (one, two, three).


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