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January 5, 2011

The Political Economy of Ownership…

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A paper I’m looking forwards to reading:

Development Policy Review, 2010, 28 (5): 515-534

Policy Experiments, Democratic Ownership and Development Assistance
Jörg Faust∗

In an effort to enhance the impact of development aid, recipients are called on to provide democratically sustained ‘ownership’ for development policies, and donors to align their interventions with these ownership dictated strategies of their partners. This article illustrates the weaknesses of such an approach. From a political-economy perspective, severe tensions exist between concepts of democratic ownership, on the one hand, and the experimental and iterative organisation of a society’s encompassing interests in democratic settings, on the other. These tensions are even more pronounced in emerging democracies, making democratic ownership as a prerequisite for aid effectiveness an illusion, and provoking the re-emergence of traditional donor-recipient problems. Key words: Ownership, policy experiments, aid effectiveness, democratic governance.

Link (gated I guess) here.


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