Waylaid Dialectic

July 6, 2011

Handy Credibility Tip…

Filed under: Aid — terence @ 6:38 am

…before you dis the large white land rovers make sure you’ve actually ridden the local buses.

Which isn’t to say that the local buses are particularly bad here. The journeys are short and fun in a noisy people watching kind of way. But the tiredness tax that comes with travelling on the buses and the associated walking is noticeable, particularly now that we’ve been able to borrow a friend’s white RAV4 for the week.

Aid enclaves do feel distinctly uncomfortable, and the segregation associated with them can’t help aid work. And it’s been nice for my wife and I to be on the outside of the enclaves here for the most part. But I see why they’re needed, given how hard most aid-workers have to work, given the need for personal safety, and given the fatigue that comes with getting anything done in a developing country in the tropics.


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