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August 31, 2011

McCully’s Famine Folly

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What would you call a Minister in Charge of an aid programme who:

1. Dismantled a well run NGO fund for work related to humanitarian disasters
2. Claimed that this was because the old fund was too slow (in defiance of the fact that it wasn’t)
2. Replaced it with his own brain child
3. And then managed to preside over a 6 week delay in releasing NGO funding to assist NGO work in the Horn of Africa famine. Only taking action once he started to get bad press.

What would you call this man?

I’d call him quite a few things, none of them complimentary. Murray McCully is not fit to be in charge of New Zealand aid, and that is the simple fact of the matter.

I’ve blogged all this in greater detail at DevPolicy.


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