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September 27, 2011

Escape from the State…

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In comments on my last post (and also mentioned in the linked review of the book) Sam highlight’s James C Scott’s argument that there’s little scope left for those who seek to live outside the state to do so.

Maybe not.

There’s a general perception in Solomons that the effective reach of the state here is not far beyond Honiara.

And I’m off (all going to plan) into the provinces today for two months. So I guess I’ll get to see if this state free zone exists and what it’s like.

I’ll let you know – although for now it probably means a couple of even more quiet months on this blog…

[Update: forget about state failure; first up there’s market failure – the boat has been delayed. And so I’m going to try and use the spare time to set some old posts I’ve written from this and other blogs up so that they publish once a week over the next month or so – keeping this blog moving. With a readership as small as mine it’s unlikely there’ll be any one whose already read these…]


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