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September 26, 2012

Lord Let Them Eat Cake

Filed under: Aid — terence @ 8:15 am

There are good faith critics of aid and there are bad faith critics. Good faith critics want better aid. Bad faith critics want lower taxes for the wealthy. And the easiest way of distinguishing the two types of critics is their approach to the facts. Improving aid involves engaging with reality. The campaign for lower taxes for the wealthy involves hiding from it.

In his recent open letter Lord Ashcroft claims to be a man of evidence but then makes so many factually misleading claims that it’s impossible not to write him of as a bad faith critic. Lord Ashcroft, might claim to be all about saving libraries in the UK and helping the developing world but given the way he plays with evidence I doubt this is really the case.

I point out some of the main problems with his open letter and the claims he makes in it here.


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