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February 2, 2013

OECD DAC Aid Stats – sigh

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Mostly just a note for myself after having being driven closer and closer to Neo-Conservatism thanks to an afternoon slaving away for OECD DAC’s aid data interface.

Note 1: Access CRS here, but note that, while CRS can give you data by donor and by sector this data will not total reconcile with total aid flows from individual countries in any given year. In the NZ case, and other cases if you are lucky, it will approximately reconcile to bilateral ODA by donor.

If you want accurate data for all aid given by a donor to a recipient try this non CRS table. If you want a breakdown of aid by sector by donor try this non-CRS table here.

Other useful stuff – deflators used are here.

And note that for NZ this tied aid table doesn’t reconcile to total aid flows.

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