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November 23, 2010

The Trouble with Capitalism

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I haven’t got anything against capitalism in principle. Private property and markets, coupled with collective action in the form of enabling, enforcing and ameliorating institutions and programmes seems like the least worst way of organising a modern economy. Actually, more than that, it seems like something that could probably do quite a good job of affording most people the good life. Or, at least, it would if it could ever actually exist. The trouble with capitalism is that, inevitably, some people either start or end up real rich. And with money comes power, and the ability to mold belief, and rig institutional arrangements to the benefit of elites.

Don’t believe me? Have a listen to this episode of Blogging Heads TV. Deeply depressing…

July 29, 2010

And you sir are a very boring man

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Before, as I was walking around the building where I’m housed (after a couple of hours of reading I needed a break) I had a eureka moment. Unfortunately it had nothing to do with my PhD, but anyhow.

It seems to me that there’s a Wallace Line of sorts between liberal and radical left wing thought. This being that, to a liberal, at some certain level human nature is fixed (or at least bounded). This mightn’t be the rational self interested actor of Econ 101, but rather, perhaps, a more complicated type – one which has some propensity to altruism, a sense of fairness, and is responsive to norms – but nevertheless in some key ways liberals don’t see human nature as changing in any systematic way in any meaningful time frame. People on the radical left, however, often do see such scope for change. For classical Marxists, at least as I understand them, material and political structures drive human nature and if these change, humans will change, perhaps from self interest to solidarity and shared concern. On the other hand for post-structuralists, the key constraint on human nature is discourse: we’re confined by socially produced knowings and meanings, and if these might be changed, then so might humans.

So there you have it my (quite possibly not original) exciting thought and hopefully helpful typology for the day.

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