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May 17, 2010

China and the World Bank

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I’ve always held the belief that giving developing countries more power on the boards of the World Bank and IMF would be beneficial. And, along these lines, had you asked me, I would have instinctively answered that recent moves to give more power to China on the boards of the Bank and Fund would be a good thing. However, over at AidWatch, erstwhile World Bank staffer William Easterly, provides one very good argument as to why this might not be the case: censorship.

The globalisation of censorship isn’t new (remember the Salman Rushdie affair, or Margaret Thatcher’s attempts to get a book about the British secret service banned elsewhere in the English speaking world). And in New Zealand there was recent controversy regarding the Chinese government reportedly pressuring local council’s in New Zealand not to let Falun Gong marchers enter in their Christmas parades.

But while it isn’t new – the rising economic might of China and density of economic inter-linkages between China and the rest of the World give pretty good reason to believe that it’s probably intensifying. Which isn’t good.

Or, to put it another way: censorship bad; globalisation really freakin complicated.

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