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May 24, 2010

It ain’t easy being Green

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Meanwhile, over at TVHE, Matt is so moved by the temerity of the (NZ) Green party and their attempt to address the distributional issues of Pigouvian taxes that he utters the following cri de coeur:

We need a Green party that actually concentrates on environmental issues.  This is my main problem with the Green party – they just use it for marketing instead of actually looking at the efficient allocation of our scarce capital stock.  This saddens me.

Issues of property rights, free rider problems, externalities, and a general willingness to discuss policy regarding these issues should be the focus of a Green party – it shouldn’t be Greenwash to sell a socialist agenda.

While it’s rousing to see such passion from a man of reason, it’s hard not to feel a little sorry for the Greens here. When they advance environmental policy, the Right decry them as Enviro-Nazi’s who would happily put the welfare of polar bears before people. On the other hand, when the Greens show any attention to social policy their are decried as pinkos in disguise.

Heaven forfend that there might actually be a coherent policy behind their thinking. One which values the environment because of  its role in contributing to human welfare. And one which advances social policy for the same reason.

Over to Kermit:

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