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June 2, 2017

NZ on the way to its lowest ever aid effort

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As a share of GNI, Australian aid is now at its lowest level since records began. New Zealand is following in Australia’s footsteps.

According to current budget projections from Treasury, NZ aid/GNI is projected to be 0.208% of GNI in the 2020/21 financial year. The only time it was (fractionally) lower than was in 1996 it was 0.207% of GNI. (0.207% in the 1996 calendar year; calendar year because historical data come from the OECD who work in calendar years).

New Zealand’s aid as a share of GNI is trending down in 2020/21. So, unless something changes, by 2021/22 our aid effort will be worse than ever before. If aid/GNI is any gauge, we are not a generous nation.

To see the chart below full screen click here. To download data click here.

Aid over GNI long time series

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